Promotional Video

Check out our promotional video to find out what we have been up to lately.

Command and Control

We’re stoked about the additional functionality we’ve added to our command and control modules that come with our full room builds. Not only can you trigger ANY of the digital props within the room, it now allows you more control over your participants experience; to include a hint dashboard used to push digital and audio hints into the puzzle environment, lighting control, ambient track control, countdown timer, and more. Did I mention that you can control the whole room from your smart phone, tablet or any other network enabled device?

Take Anywhere Escape Room

Want a Gen 2 option for corporate team building that you can BRING to your clients location? No, we’re not talking about our wicked awesome MEGA (Mobile Escape Game Adventure) in the trailer. We’re talking about our ‘take anywhere’ Escape Room adventure. You are still moderating from a distance. You are still hosting the game, but in a smaller form factor. Bring it to your corporate clients, host escape room parties, educate the community about Escape Games at expos, whatever! Check out the teaser for ‘Cyber Case’ here to learn more about what all the hoopla is about.


Chicago Room Escape Convention

We had a blast at the Chicago Room Escape Convention (CREC). We are excited about the future of the Escape Room industry and met some amazing Escape Room professionals. Thanks again for stopping by our booth and playing our game. As always, let us know if there is anything we can do for you to make your attraction great.