Recent intelligence suggests that a global cyber attack targeting banking, infrastructure and critical government networks is imminent. A mysterious case destined for one of the key actors has been intercepted by the United States Postal Service. Your team of FBI Cyber Forensic experts must conduct a thorough investigation on the contents of the case, and thwart the attack.

Cyber Case is a Generation 2, ‘Take Anywhere’ Escape Room experience. As a 30 minute game, it is well suited for 2-5 players. With a blend of analog and digital puzzles, codes, clues and technology, Cyber Case provides the same thrills as the Escape Rooms at your facility. It is moderated wirelessly with a website based command-and-control suite, meaning all aspects of the game can be controlled by the gamemaster via¬†any wifi enabled device; including smart phone, tablet or laptop.


  • 30 Minutes
  • A 3-phase, multi-tier game design
  • Analog problem solving
  • Digital ‘WOW’ factor
  • Battery Operated (lasts over 6 hours on one charge with continuous play)
  • Remotely Moderated via web-based command-and-control suite
    • Includes:
    • Game Start / Stop
    • Controllable Ambient Noise (with Rick Roll functionality)
    • An in-depth ‘Hint Dashboard’ (Audio hints delivered by a character within the game)

Perfect For:

  • Team Building
  • Community Outreach and Escape Room Education
  • Escape Room Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Expos
  • Promotional Events